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No more delivery fees! LiVert connects you with people nearby to group your online purchases in order to get 100% free and greener deliveries!

On average, the delivery cost is 4 € for each online order. You could save an average of €143 per year.
And on average 750g of CO₂ emitted for each online order. This leads to 27kg of CO₂ per year.

LiVert is your ally to conciliate ecology and savings.
Our platform allows you to shop online with 100% free delivery. We connect consumers located in the same geographical area who make their purchases on the same merchant site, in order to reach the purchase amount necessary to benefit from free delivery.

How does it work?

- Register and log in to your LiVert account. Once you have registered, log in for free and ecological delivery.

- Choose a merchant site and enter the amount of your cart. Select your e-commerce site, then enter your cart amount. You can find the complete list of our partners in the LiVert library.

- We are looking for people near you to connect you for free deliveries. As soon as you choose your match, you will receive a notification that allows you to chat with your ahcat partner, and place your order together: your delivery will be free and more environmentally friendly.

- Now that you have a buying partner, you have the choice to be Lead or Mate. Lead places the order and receives delivery to his address. Mate participates by paying his share of the purchase on LiVert's digital wallet and unlocks the amount for Lead after receiving his order.

- As soon as Lead has received the order, it's time to meet Mate to give him his order! When Mate receives his share of the order, he shares a code with Lead. Lead in turn must verify the code to automatically unlock the money on Mate's wallet. The code has 4 digits

Your LiVert digital wallet:

LiVert guarantees the security of both parties: Mate pays via LiVert the amount of his purchase, which will appear on Lead's digital wallet, Lead validates the code provided by Mate and the money is automatically unlocked to the lead. He will have the option to transfer the money to his bank account or keep it in his LiVert digital wallet to use later as Mate.

Join us towards a more eco-friendly world with LiVert!


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